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The Prescott Computer Society will conduct its annual meeting and elections for positions on the Board of Directors at the General meeting to be held on March 9, 2019.

PCS members may vote either at that meeting or prior to it over the Internet depending on the number of candidates and open positions. The Board of Directors is composed of nine officers whose terms are for two years. About half of these seats are up for election each year - four in one year and five in the next. There will be five positions open at this election.

Are YOU interested in running for a two-year seat on the Board of Directors? We are always looking for new Board members and please be aware that you do not have to be a "techie" in order to hold any PCS office. The important attributes of a Board member include being conscientious, dependable and having organizational skills. You should be also be concerned about the direction and future of PCS and be willing to contribute a small amount of your time.

You may nominate yourself or any current member (with their permission, of course.) Candidates will be asked to supply a picture and a short statement of their history, interests and qualifications for office.

Please contact Ray Carlson for further information or to inform him of your desire to be a candidate for a position on the PCS Board of Directors.


Photos and statements of qualification of the candidates are posted below in alphabetical order.

Joan Baum

Joan Baum

Joan moved to Prescott in 2007 and has been a member of the PCS since 2009. She is one of the few members who is not retired, currently working as Director of Program Services at New Horizons Disability Empowerment Center in Prescott Valley. She is also the owner Multiplex Consulting, which offers workshops, training and support for local businesses and individuals and as an Adjunct Professor at Yavapai College has taught various computer credited class for their Computer Technologies Instructional Support (CTIS) department and computer classes for their Community Education Department.

Since the PCS members have given their time and effort to keep me abreast of current technology, in return I look forward to serving on the board and offering any expertise I can.

JB Burke

JB Burke

I've been involved in the Computer Industry, one way or another, for the past 52 years, including 32 years with IBM. After a half century of immersion in computer technology it is too late to turn back now.

I'm seeking reelection to the Prescott Computer Society because I enjoy the challenge of keeping up with what's new with computers and the internet, and exposing the members to what I learn in the Special Topics SIG.

I really like doing presentations for the marvelous members of the PCS. And I enjoy my duties as the Supreme Commander of Secretarial Duties. Please vote for me.

Ken Johnson

Ken Johnson

Ken was born and raised in Queens, NY (Archie Bunker Land). In 1950 he was employed by New York Telephone where he worked in a telephone central office in Manhattan for three years.

In 1953 Uncle Sam thought it was a good time for him to serve a two year hitch in the U.S. Army. He was trained in Georgia and New Jersey then shipped to Germany where he served in the Signal Corps in various telephone central offices. He returned to NY Telco where he remained until 1966 when he left to work for other communications companies providing private telecommunications services in technical, sales, management and finally self-employment for 15 years until retirement in 1999. During this time he lived in Long Island, NY, Miami, FL, New Jersey, Albuquerque, NM and then Prescott in 2004 to the present.

In 1984 he bought his first computer, an IBM PC Junior with a monochrome CRT display, single floppy drive, dot matrix printer, Wordperfect Junior, and Microsoft Multiplan Spreadsheet. The cost was $ 2,500!

Ken uses MS Office 365, PhotoShop Elements 9 and various other programs while working on projects such as photo processing, building websites for his church (www.pccaz.org) and others.

Dick Mason

Dick Mason

I am a retired Mechanical Engineer who worked for many years in the aerospace electronics business, and for a few in a small custom design, high tech inspection equipment company. I ended my career designing and directing the use of computerized electronics assembly equipment.

I have been a member of the Prescott Computer Society for a number of years, and prior to moving to Prescott, was a member of the San Diego Computer Society since 1975. I am interested in all aspects of computers and computing and have built many personal computers over the years. I own my own domain and maintain a personal web page chronicling my travels and many projects at masonclan.org

In addition to computing, I enjoy traveling in my motor home, working in my machine shop, using my 3D printer, taking and editing photographs, and reading both ebooks and "real" books.

I have enjoyed working for you as a member of your board of directors and if you so desire, I will be happy to continue to do so.

Edi Taylor-Richards

Edi Taylor-Richards

I've been a member of PCS since moving to Prescott in the fall of 1998. Although I was a CPA with an international accounting firm, the last 10 years of my working career were spent managing computer networks and supporting users.

I've been a volunteer at the Prescott Public Library as a computer mentor for 20 years. I'm also active in various other organizations in Prescott. I have been the PCS Treasurer for several years. I'm willing to continue as a PCS Board member for another term.

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